When the wind blows: Netflix completes an unfinished film by Orson Welles

It became known that the service acquired the rights to “The Other Side of the Wind” – an unfinished film-legend. We explains what kind of movie it is and how it got lost in time.
Orson Welles
Netflix received not only the original negatives of “The Other Side of the Wind” that had already arrived in Los Angeles, but also the rights to the worldwide distribution of the tape. The restoration of Orson Welles’s last film will be watched by people who were involved in his creation. It’s producer Frank Marshall and director Peter Bogdanovich.

Why is it so important for Netflix

Thus, the streaming service is, in fact, made it clear to others that can afford something that for 40 years could not make any one Hollywood Studio to breathe new life into the forgotten art work of the outstanding master and give him such a massive audience that never would be able to provide the theatrical network, no video. Even if the idea will bring the company some costs (however, the service is able to be generous; in the fall, he promised the Chris Rock record 40 million for a stream of two of his concerts), it is still favorably affect its reputation.
For Hollywood projects, made with the expectation of raising the prestige of the company (the so-called prestige pictures), is common. Among the recent “Silence” by Martin Scorsese, Paramount brought only losses. Probably, they will soon become one of filmmaking in the digital environment. For example, the editor of Collider Brian Formo thinks in a similar way in which the concern about reputation can exceed the commercial benefits, there is Amazon Studios, whose development he compares with the work of the same Paramount in the 1970s. Also at streaming service like Netflix you can watch wayward pines full episodes and we expect that next season will be available for watch soon.

“For me, as for many people who have always admired the skill and vision of Orson Welles, is a dream come true. The prospect to show the world not previously completed wells and keep his true artistic vision intact — a reason for pride Netflix,” reads the official statement of the President of the service Ted Sarandos.
Peter Bogdanovich
When installing use handwritten notes of the wells will take into account the observations of Marshall and Bogdanovich, with whom Welles shared the details of how the result will be. According to the Director of “Paper moon”, during the filming of Welles personally asked him to finish the film, if for some reason he can’t do himself.

“I can’t believe, but after 40 years of trying [to bring the film to completion] I am very grateful for the passion and perseverance of Netflix, which will allow us to finally get into the editing room to finish the last picture of Orson” — happy the transaction Frank Marshall.

Associate of Steven Spielberg a few years watching everything happening in the area mentioned tapes. Peter Bogdanovich also played in “the Other side of the wind” one of the leading roles. Participation in the film allowed the then young Director, whose popularity greatly increased by the mid-1970s, close friends with the great Hollywood outsider, brought such classics as “Citizen Kane”, “Lady from Shanghai” and “touch of evil”. From the scattered conversations that they had during the breaks, was compiled book of interviews, “Meet Orson Welles”.

What is this movie

The main character, modeled in the likeness of Ernest Hemingway, brought John Huston. His Jake Hannaford — eminent film Director, trying to keep up with fresh cinematic trends.
Time of action — early 1970s To replace Hollywood veterans, accustomed to remove a genre film with sweeping scenery, comes a youth, inspired by the French new wave and modern art and not afraid to show the baser side of life, previously izbegavati big film industry. According to Hannaford, the film “the Other side of the wind”, you shoot them in the moment, could be a hit, because it’s a lot more sex and violence.

But to finish the tape he was not destined. After a party in honor of the birthday of film Director dies in a car accident. Perhaps, not accidental. This is not a spoiler as the action in the film takes place retrospectively. And the life of the deceased filmmaker played using a variety of sources — from television shows to Amateur videos taken during a party. In his latest feature-length movie, wells is mixed not only different cinematic styles, but also black and white and color scenes shot on film in various formats. In a cameo involving Directors-innovators Dennis Hopper, Paul Mazursky, and Claude Chabrol and Henry Jaglom.

Funded by the ribbon in different ways. Some of the money invested wells money on the game in other films and the dubbing part was taken from investors, including French company L Astrophore, controlled by the son-in-law of the Shah of Iran Mehdi busheri. The production lasted for six years — from 1970 to 1976. Unlike the previous cases, when wells were taken for the film, but not finish it, he still managed to shoot almost all of the songs “the Other side of the wind”. “They were just a couple of plans,” writes Karlin in the aforementioned collection of interviews.

Later, wells was able to finish the installation in only 40-45 minutes. Unhappy about going over budget busheri took control of all available boxes of film (nearly a thousand pieces) and sent them to gather dust on a Parisian warehouse.

In 1985 Orson Welles died at the age of 70 years. His final full meter and was left unfinished. At the moment the world saw only disjointed fragments of the picture.

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