Mapping the City Of Words…

Caprica is a fantastic series filmed on the basis of the popular project “Battlestar” Galactica ” and tells the story that occurred about sixty years before the events shown in the plot of the original series.
The action takes place on one of the planets called Caprica. It is a part of the twelve colonies of Kobol. There is still peace here and everyone is busy by the technological process development. Once, measured life Caprica is destroyed by the terrorist act which is performed by the religious fanatic named Ben Stark. Man undermines himself directly in the passenger train which leads to the death of many innocent people. Among the victims of the explosion there are two young girls – the daughter of a prominent technologist Deniel Graystone as well as the daughter of a successful lawyer Joseph Adama. Fate brings together these two grieving parents. They both cannot come to terms with the loss of daughters and barely find the strength to live on. While being in despair, Greystone throws all his forces of the advanced company in order to develop the technology that would be able to return his daughter. At some point, the experiments give positive results, but at the same time launch a chain of fatal events.

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